Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Upcoming Events - November

                                 "Healing with Foods" Workshop  
 We’ll give you the tools you need to feel your best and keep your body functioning well. We'll cover easy-to-implement nutritional remedies for the prevention and treatment of the most common conditions.  
Mon. Nov. 5th @ 5:30pm (Whole Foods Schaumburg)

"Chinese Medicine At Home" Class 

 In this personalized, hands-on class with Dr. Kristen, we'll learn the basics of Tongue Diagnosis (how to tell what's going on with your organs!), the best use-any-time Acupressure points for common complaints, and a few Chinese home healing remedies! SPACE IS LIMITED to a maximum of ten participants and RSVP is absolutely required !
 Thursday November 8th @ our office  (5:30 - 6pm)

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