Monday, November 19, 2012

Upcoming Events in 2013

January Workshops at Whole Foods
Tues. Jan. 15th (5:30pm) "Juicing For Wellness" at Schaumburg 
* during their two-week intensive Health Eating Program for the new year *

Jan 17th AND Jan 22nd (6pm) "Juicing for Wellness" @ Palatine
* during their two-week intensive Health Eating Program for the new year, cost = $5  *

February Workshops at Whole Foods 
Tuesday February 19th (5:30pm - 6:15pm)  "Diabetes (Nutrition & Prevention) at Schaumburg

 "Whole Health Awakening: Reclaim Total Health in 2013"
Are you tired of making the same new year’s resolution every year?Still trying to reach your health and wellness goals? Confused by all the diet and health “gurus” and detox products out there? Do you want better health without a bigger bill?

You deserve to feel good. Learn secrets to improve your health and happiness now. Join us on February 23rd by visiting us at

Saturday February 23rd (9am - 3pm) 

 "Holistic Healthcare: An Overview of Alternative Medicine"
Recently, new approaches to health care and healing are growing in popularity. Our country is moving away from the mainstream traditional medical model, and towards complementary and alternative systems that are based on self-care and prevention. We will provide an overview of popular alternative medicines that have a natural and wellness based approach to help you stay healthy and live longer.  Sign up online with Harper College

Thursdays April 4th - May 2nd, 2013 (from 7 - 9pm)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Upcoming Events - November

                                 "Healing with Foods" Workshop  
 We’ll give you the tools you need to feel your best and keep your body functioning well. We'll cover easy-to-implement nutritional remedies for the prevention and treatment of the most common conditions.  
Mon. Nov. 5th @ 5:30pm (Whole Foods Schaumburg)

"Chinese Medicine At Home" Class 

 In this personalized, hands-on class with Dr. Kristen, we'll learn the basics of Tongue Diagnosis (how to tell what's going on with your organs!), the best use-any-time Acupressure points for common complaints, and a few Chinese home healing remedies! SPACE IS LIMITED to a maximum of ten participants and RSVP is absolutely required !
 Thursday November 8th @ our office  (5:30 - 6pm)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Juicing for Wellness: Introduction to Juicing

Beginner's Class: Tuesday Aug. 7th | Whole Foods, Schaumburg | 5:30 pm

Join us on Meet!
Basics of Nutrition: “Food is Fuel”
  • Vegetables and an Alkaline pH of the Body pH of body should be Alkaline.
  • Foods that are alkaline are: most vegetables. Foods that are acidic: fruits, anything processed, sugars, carbs, etc.
  • Disease loves acidity. If body is 80% alkaline, cancer cells and disease cannot survive.

Benefits of Juicing
  • Improve Immune System, Improve Digestive System, Increase Energy , Slows the Aging Process
  • Improves Cardiovascular System: Antioxidants in Vitamins C and E will lower triglyceride levels and support a healthy heart.
  • Detoxify the Liver: Liver cleans the blood and removes toxins/waste from the body.
  • Cancer Prevention: Phytochemicals (found in plants) have anti-cancer properties, as well as alkalize the body.
Why is Juicing better than eating whole vegetables?
  • Less work for the body’s digestive system
  • Can consume optimal amount of vegetables easily, with more variety
Favorite Ingredients:
  • Ginger: lowers cholesterol levels, soothes the digestive system
  • Lemon/Lime: detoxifies the liver
  • Cranberries: high in antioxidants (which means they protect against cancer)
  • Carrots: promotes healthy skin, hair, eyes, and nails.
Join the Meetup at:

Sick, Fat, and Nearly Dead (documentary) by Joe Cross
The Acid Alkaline Food Guide by Drs. Brown and Trivieri
The Juice Lady’s Live Food Lifestyle by Cherie Calbom
An Apple a Day? Is it Enough Today? By Dr. M. Ted Morter, Jr.
Your Hidden Food Allergies are Making You Fat by Dr. Rudy Rivera
Going Against the Grain by Melissa Smith